A Rated Glazing

A-Rated Glass

Perfect when energy efficiency is the priority.

A-Rated Glass

Here at Romag, our A-rated glass will give you all of the benefits of the most energy-efficient glazing product on the market. This glass is ideal when energy conservation is a major requirement for your project, and our specialised low-emissivity glazing will match all of your specifications.

One of the two sheets of glass that make the window has an invisible metal coating, which makes the glass reflective. This insulates the heat during the winter for a warmer interior, and reflects the heat in the summer, keeping the interior cooler. Our A-rated windows ensure there is less heat leaving a building than entering.

Romag has the ability to include the latest soft-coat technologies into our manufacturing process, ensuring you have the perfect technical solution for your particular project — this technology is particularly suited to the architectural, commercial and transport markets.

If you are looking for environmentally friendly glass solutions, you may also be interested in our solar control glass, as well as our solar PV range.

This product is ideal if you are looking to incorporate the most energy efficient glass into your project. With the flexible options available, it couldn’t be easier to ensure your building will be environmentally friendly. Contact us if you would like further information about our green glazing solutions

Key Features

  • Low 'u-values'
  • Low 'g-values'
  • Laminated units
  • Double and triple glazed
  • Argon filled cavities
  • Curved double and triple glazed
  • Aluminium framing
  • Blast and bullet resistant available

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