Glass for Government Buildings & Vehicles

Romag provides glass for government buildings and vehicles that protects against a variety of threats

Romag is regularly contracted to provide glass for government buildings and vehicles. These unique glazing solutions can be found in buildings, vehicles, and institutions around the world.

In volatile and unpredictable situations, government buildings need to ensure they minimise the risk associated with various forms of attack. Romag offers a solution for many of these, including glass which is resistant to physical attacks, bullets, and blasts. Learn more about our safety glazing in action in our European consulate case study.

We also specialise in providing architectural glazing to government buildings, as we are well versed in dealing with sensitive security-related institutions and design sympathetic, highly technical glazing solutions for many historic buildings.

We don’t just stop at buildings, though: some of the world’s governments also employ our team to provide protective solutions to their vehicles, from VIP limousines to public service vehicles. We are also an obvious choice for local police and fire security.

Feel free to get in touch if you would like to speak to our team about our glazing for government buildings.

Key Features:

  • Glass that can meet architectural and security requirements
  • Ballistic protection up to bullet and blast resistance
  • Anti-spall options for improved safety
  • Options on solar control
  • Full design service
  • Testing facilities on site
  • UK Manufactured
  • Independently tested and certified to British standards

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