Retail Glass Solutions

At Romag, we have unrivalled experience in producing retail glass solutions that provide essential security and protection for stores around the world. We are able to offer many products that are particularly suitable for the sector, including laminated, toughened, and printed glass.

For complete protection, especially for vulnerable businesses or stores with high-value stock, we offer our Physical Security Glass. This glass is thin and light, yet offers excellent protection from sustained physical attack. It also offers fantastic clarity for those retailers who need to ensure maximum visibility of their stock.

The glass is manufactured to the European LPS 1270 standard, ensuring your valuables are protected from attack. This glass can serve to reduce insurance premiums and is regularly recommended by worldwide insurance brokers. It is particularly effective against smash-and-grab crime as it can withstand multiple blows from a hammer or axe attack.

Romag is regularly commissioned to provide enhanced security solutions for retail businesses, including shop-front windows and service windows. We have also produced glass for display cases that has maximum strength but excellent clarity. We have worked with banks, jewellers, designer brand stores, and post offices in the past. For a closer look at our retail glass in action, take a look at our work on our project with William and Son, a London jeweller.

Feel free to get in touch with our team to discuss how we can provide your own retail glazing solution.

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