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Manufacturing Capability

Situated in the picturesque County Durham countryside, Romag is at the heart of the community. With a skilled local workforce of over 100, our factory has 125,000sq ft of manufacturing space.

To look at the factory from the street, or from the air, you would never know that under our roof we produce some of the most complex, high performance glass across Architectural, Security, Transport, Rail and Solar PV markets.

Toughening plants, printers, laminators, state of art clean rooms, autoclaves; Romag has it all. Thousands of glazing systems are produced every year under our roof, from simple laminates to complex bends and curves.

What makes Romag special is not just machinery and floor space.  What we have cannot be replicated; generations of employees in families that have worked for our business since the beginning, passing knowledge along the way.  All of whom bring a passion to the job; to push the boundaries of what is physically possible with glass.


Manufacturing Capability