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Kevin Webster

Kevin Webster

Kevin has been with Romag for almost 30 years and is unmatched in his technical knowledge of glass across all our markets. 

Day to day, he leads a team of experts and together they work on the designing and testing of glazing systems such as rail windscreens, ballistic screens, structural glass and BIPV to specifying and establishing the manufacturing facilities within Romag. 

Kevin and his team really enjoy working with our customers and supporting the sales team with any queries they receive. The more abstract the better, as he enjoys a challenge!

Kevin has been behind every major technical innovation in the business, ensuring Romag is up to date with the latest European and International standards. With his experience in the glazing industry combined with my knowledge of semiconductors he was capable of setting up the first BIPV module manufacturing line in the UK.

Kevin comments "We can always learn more, modify and find ways of doing things even better. That’s why Romag leads the way. I have in-depth knowledge of the supply chain and I challenge anyone to ask me a question about the industry and I’ll do my best to answer it - if I don’t know the answer I’ll find a way to make it work. That’s what I do".

Position Technical & QA Director