Suntuitive Glass

Suntuitive Glass

Glass that intuitively provides the perfect balance of light and heat

Suntuitive Glass available from Romag is a dynamic glass without wires or controls that automatically reacts to heat. The more intense the sun is, the darker it will become, which drastically reduces the solar heat gain allowed through the glass. This reaction in the glass blocks the heat before it enters the building,

Suntuitive Glass continuously provides the perfect balance of light and heat by using the heat from direct sunlight to tint when necessary. As the sun moves across the sky, Suntuitive Glass will cool and return to clear, eliminating the need for blinds and shades, leaving unobstructed views and maximising natural light whilst blocking heat and 100% of harmful UV rays.

In addition, Suntuitive high-performance glass presents opportunities to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from building operation and can contribute toward LEED certification.

Suntuitive Glass is the most advanced, yet simplest, dynamic glass technology available. Architects, building owners, building professionals and home owners can specify an adaptive glazing system that transitions seamlessly between clear and tinted. 

Key Features

  • Reacts to heat instead of light, maximising natural light into the building
  • Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays
  • Eliminates the need for blinds and shades
  • No wires or electronics provides a maintenance free solution
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