Rail Glass

Rail Glass

High specification glass for rolling stock and infrastructure

Romag's specialist rail glass offers a high-quality, versatile solution to all of your rail glazing requirements.

Our brand is known globally within the industry for the design and manufacture of glazing systems. Romag can be considered a one-stop shop for all rail glazing requirements, from toughened interior partitions to the most sophisticated impact-resistant, curved and heated windscreens capable of withstanding extreme conditions. We have the ability and technical prowess to design and manufacture to the latest industry standards.

Our partners are worldwide and we are often commissioned during the initial design stage as a consultant - advising engineers on both specification and design. Whether it’s rolling stock or high-speed intercity platforms, Romag has produced some of the most technologically advanced glazed solutions for the rail industry.

We have unrivalled technical expertise within the rail glazing arena. Our design team relish the challenge of new products and excel in providing the complete design and manufacture service. 

Our stringent quality procedures and in-house testing facility ensure all products are produced to the relevant international standards. including but not limited to GMRT2100 and ISO certifications. You can find more detailed information by downloading our rail glass brochure.

Romag is proud to supply to the world's leading train builders, including Bombardier, Hitachi Rail Europe and Siemens Rail. In March 2015 we were successful in securing the contract for windscreens for the Crossrail Project with Bombardier with their new Aventra platform, demonstrating Romag's ability to compete with the best train glass manufacturers around the world. You can find out more about our work with Bombardier on their SSL windscreens on our project page.

We would be delighted to discuss how our train glass products could help your project. Get in touch with us by email or by calling +44 (0)1207 500 000.

Key Features

  • High tolerances
  • Outstanding protection against bird and stone strike
  • Excellent optical and visual properties
  • Fully tested and certified to European standards
  • Flat and curved glass
  • Tested to extreme climate conditions

Typical Applications

  • Windscreens
  • Body side windows
  • Headlight covers
  • Luggage racks
  • Draft screens
  • PIS displays
  • Bullet/Physical security glass for stations
  • Underground/subway/metro light covers
  • Solar PV for stations

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