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From the White House to major museums and celebrated jewellers, Romag protects historic and high value items on display.

Our impact, bullet and blast resistant laminated LPS glass is BRE certified as the thinnest and lightest security glass on the market, and with our high security glass you don’t have to compromise on visibility. Our unique AirGlaz with the latest magnetron sputter-proof coating, enables light transmission of 97% and reflection of less than 1% - truly transparent glass. 

We are a trusted partner in producing showcase glass used to display priceless pieces in museums, art galleries and high-value retail displays worldwide. Displaying items of this nature requires a glass solution that offers high clarity, showing the item at its best, while also offering protection against criminal and environmental threats.

If you need glass for a museum, gallery, or jewellers, contact us to discuss your project and our design team will be able to create the perfect solution for your showcase.

Key Features

  • Some of the thinnest, enhanced security glass on the market
  • High level of optical clarity for unobstructed vision
  • Suitable for curved glass
  • Printing and tinting options available

Application Areas

  • High value retail display
  • Glass Showcases and Viewing Panels
  • Animal enclosures for Zoo's
  • Jewellers
  • Banks and Currency Exchange
  • Government Buildings
  • Secure Centres, Detention Centres
  • Cash in Transit Vehicles
  • Post Offices