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Romag produce high-end glass for showcases used to display valuable items in museums, art galleries, and retail stores.

Romag is a trusted partner in producing showcase glass used to display priceless pieces in museums, art galleries and high-value retail displays worldwide. Displaying items of this nature requires a glass solution that offers high clarity, showing the item at its best, while also offering protection against criminal and environmental threats.

You can find our display case glass in some of the world’s most prestigious institutions. This includes in The White House, where it protects some of the USA’s most historic artefacts.

Using state of the art raw materials that offer the highest clarity on the market (like AirGlaz, an anti-reflective glass with less than 1% reflections). We offer various levels of protection for high value assets, from simple laminated glass, which can be built to physical attack and bullet resistance.

If you need glass for a museum, gallery, or jewellers, contact us to discuss your project and our design team will be able to create the perfect solution for your showcase.

Key Contacts

Matt Glossop
Regional Sales Manager - South of England