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Solar Panels & BIPV

Re-inventing Solar PV

Romag has energised the industry with our incredible products for Solar PV installers, which are efficient yet aesthetically pleasing. Our innovation has made us the UK's largest producer of solar products, and we have an unmatched depth of knowledge gained from years of industry experience.

Our high-performance solar photovoltaic (PV) products have been used across the solar market, featuring in construction projects where the production of clean, renewable energy is at a premium. We have worked closely with a number of respected architects and home builders to produce solutions to their needs, with the end result being buildings and housing that are more sustainable and have less of an environmental impact.

Roof-Integrated Solutions

Our team have shaken up the national house-building market with a radical departure from the conventional building-applied array of on-roof systems. Romag's roof-integrated solar solutions are made of PV tiles that are installed flush with surrounding roof coverings, becoming an attractive addition instead of an eyesore.

PowerGlaz Building-Integrated PV

As carbon emissions become more of a global concern, businesses worldwide are looking to lower their output. Romag PowerGlaz is an innovative solar product that is integrated into the fabric of a building.

We firmly believe that there's no application of glass in construction that can't be enhanced by going solar. With our innovations in solar and glass, we can produce a bespoke solution that goes beyond the realms of functionality to produce something beautiful. For examples of our PowerGlaz BIPV technology in action, take a look at our work on the roof of King’s Cross Station and the facade of Kingsgate House.

Application Areas

  • Commercial
  • Construction & Development
  • Facades
  • Housebuilding
  • Atria/Skyroofing
  • Canopies
  • Louvres
  • Walkways
  • Ballustrades