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Commercial Glass

At Romag, we have a long history of providing commercial glass and solar solutions for a variety of businesses and projects. Our fantastic production and testing facilities, paired with our talented and experienced staff, ensure we are able to excel in this highly technical, competitive supply chain.

We regularly work with all levels of the design and manufacture process, be it with the architect at initial design stage or the steelwork fabricator during the onsite construction stage. Our design, manufacture, and logistics teams have all areas covered to ensure our products are designed, processed, and delivered in a timely manner to meet any deadlines.

Structural glass for facades, stairs, floors, balustrades, and acoustic internal partitions are all areas of our expertise — if it’s technically possible we can provide the solution for your project. We specialise in glass products that can be applied to a whole range of purposes, including laminated, curved, and printed glass. We can even incorporate LED lighting into our glass laminates to bring a truly modern feel to your building project.

Alongside our glass, we also supply high-quality PV modules to large-scale solar PV projects, with a variety of innovative solar panel technologies available. We can help supply your building with clean and renewable energy for a more sustainable future.

Why not visit our projects page to find out more about the great range of projects we have provided commercial glazing and solar PV solutions for? Send an email to to speak to our team.

Application Areas

  • Commercial
  • Construction & Development
  • Facades
  • Housebuilding
  • Atria/Skyroofing
  • Canopies
  • Louvres
  • Walkways
  • Ballustrades