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Fire Resistant Glass

Fire Resistant Glass


It takes less than 30 seconds for a small flame to turn into a major fire. A two storey building can become an inferno in four and a half minutes*. Building regulations state that in the event of a fire, a building should be evacuated in 20 minutes or less.

Fire resistant glass is the unspoken hero in fire emergencies and can reduce the spread of flame, smoke and toxic gases for up to 120 minutes, allowing people to evacuate the premises safely.

Romag supply cuttable, fire resistant products available on a short turnaround, and also work closely with Europe’s leading manufacturers of toughened fire resistant glass for larger sizes and more specialist bespoke requirements. This flexibility in our suppliers means our technical experts can advise on the best solution to suit your project, using a product that fits your exact specification without bias.

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Key Contacts

Matt Glossop
Regional Sales Manager - South of England

Key Features

  • Stops the spread of smoke, flames and toxic gases
  • EW and EI glass reduces heat radiation to prevent combusting objects on the safe side of the glass
  • Can be used in internal and external applications
  • Ideal for modern buildings and offices - a safe alternative to solid fire doors
  • Maximum visibility

Application Areas

  • Fire doors
  • Fixed screens
  • Partitioning systems
  • Smoke curtains
  • Roof lights
  • Glass floors
  • Steel screens
  • Fire resistant aluminium
  • Butt-jointed glazing