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European Consulate

Edinburgh, Scotland
Securing Glass, Meeting Deadlines - All in a days work

Romag was contacted by a European consulate* in Edinburgh that required a bullet-resistant window to protect the fingerprint machine used to produce visas granted to overseas visitors.

The machine and staff using it needed the upmost protection to minimise the risk of loss and injury. The consulate had been previously let down by a national security glass supplier just one week before their deadline for installation, so they needed a supplier who could provide a solution implemented quickly.

*For security purposes, Romag cannot share the name of the client.

The Result

Members from the consulate contacted glass manufacturers throughout the UK to find a supplier who could meet the deadline and the required level of protection. Bullet-resistant glass requires a complex build process involving the lamination of multiple glass and PVB layers to meet the specified thickness and stringent certification, so lead times are generally longer to meet the specification.

Thanks to Romag’s unrivalled understanding of the security glass market, the urgency of the situation was clear: the consulate had a deadline that could not be extended. A senior management meeting was called and a plan formulated. The production team were happy to assist, working additional hours over the weekend and throughout the night to complete the job to the necessary specification and quality requirements, and the consulate was fitted with Romag’s bullet-resistant glass product.

The job was delivered to the consulate ahead of time which allowed them to meet their deadline for installation.

What they say

We are thrilled with Romag and the help they gave us in achieving our deadline. The service we received was exceptional. Not only did they go above and beyond to help us, the quality of product and the speed they turned it round was fundamental in achieving our deadline. I would work with Romag again”

Project Manager

European Consulate (For security purposes Romag cannot reveal the name of the client)
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