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Kingsgate House – BIPV

An award winning design for Architectural BIPV with these stunning vertical louvres

In London’s fashionable Chelsea district, you will find Kingsgate House. Catalyst Homes was awarded best affordable housing scheme at the 2014 24Housing awards for this stunning project.

This was a new build residential development using coloured PV cells. The aim was to deliver a world-class building, achieving CSH level 4 and PEFC certification — the first major project in the world to do so. 

The Solution

The building features a range of environmentally friendly design features including some rather eye-catching green photovoltaic (PV) cells laminated into glass louvres, designed and manufactured exclusively by Romag. They run vertically down the front of the building and are designed to look like a living wall. The PV cells generate free electricity and also provide shading too. Each apartment has its own recessed balcony which stays cool during the day.

Romag building integrated PV (BIPV) laminates were manufactured to a bespoke design, working in conjunction with UK-based louvre framing specialist Colt, whose Shadowvoltaic systems provided the mounting for them.

A vertical shading system was devised using green and gold PV cells to blend in with the local streetscape. The Romag BIPV vertical louvre laminates generate 13,145 kWh of electricity per annum, saving 8.2 tonnes of CO2 per annum. Together the PV cells and EAHP provide a 20% renewable contribution as required by the local authority.

The Result

Kingsgate House is a testament to exceptional design in solar PV; it is clear why it won an award for the Best Affordable Housing Scheme — of which Romag played a key role.

The cascade of stunning louvres running down its seven storeys are designed to look like a living wall. Composed of Romag BIPV laminated glass manufactured to a bespoke design, they incorporate three shades of gold and green PV cells to blend effortlessly with its tree-lined environment, with the added benefit of generating clean energy for the building to meet carbon footprint targets.

The use of PowerGlaz BIPV in this development proves that solar can be applied in modern buildings to provide sustainable homes, and also exemplifies Romag’s exemplary contribution to a project on the cutting edge of the solar, construction, and architectural markets.

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